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Revised SYBA Weeks 3&4 Schedule

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Revised Week 3 & 4 schedule. 

All kids & coaches & parents at practices and games are required to be masked

G - Gallagher Middle

PV - Pleasant View Elementary





This will be the case going forward.  

Saturday, 1/8 Week Three.  All games at Gallagher

8am U12 Gibree vs Tsonos

9:10am U12 Aglione vs Curtis

Bye: Begnoche

10:20am U10 Ruotolo vs Wagner

11:30am U10 Florence vs Mabry

Bye: Lawton

12:45pm U8 Program


2:30pm U18 Erbe vs Edsall

3:40pm U18 Perry vs Swierad

4:50pm U14 Snowman vs Tartaglia - POSTPONED

6:00pm U14 Squillante vs Boyd

7:10pm U14 Trainor vs DiLorenzo



Monday, 1/10

6pm-6:55pm G  Wagner/Florence

7pm-7:55pm G  Lawton/Tsonos

7:40pm-8:35pm PV  Aglione/Begnoche

8pm-8:55pm G  Curtis/Trainor

8:40pm-9:35pm PV  Boyd/DiLorenzo


Friday, 1/14

Changes have been made to PV times

 Gallagher practices have been canceled


7:40pm-8:35pm PV  Begnoche/Tsonos


8:40pm-9:35pm PV  Squillante/Tartaglia

Saturday, 1/15 Week Four.  All games at Gallagher

8am U12 Begnoche vs Gibree

9:10am U12 Curtis vs Tsonos

Bye: Aglione

10:20am U10 Lawton vs Wagner

11:30am U10 Ruotolo vs Florence

Bye: Mabry

12:45pm U8 Program

2:30pm U18 Swierad vs Erbe 

3:40pm U18 Edsall vs Perry

*Second team listed wears green side of their jersey*

4:50pm U14 Squillante vs DiLorenzo

6:00pm U14 Tartaglia vs Boyd

7:10pm U14 Trainor vs Snowman

SYBA will finish an 11 week regular season on 3/5/22.  Playoffs to follow.  

Posted by Damien Edsall, Created Fri Jan 7, 2022

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