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SYBA Schedule - First Two Weeks

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Here is SYBA's practice and game schedule for the first two weeks leading into the Holiday Hiatus.  Some Information on the schedule:

U10 & U12: 5 teams total.  One team each week has a bye

U14: 6 teams.  All teams play each week

U18: Registration is still open.  We are hopeful games will still be played on 12/11

U8: Skills Program is beginning 12/11


G - Gallagher Middle

PV - Pleasant View Elementary

Monday, 12/6

6pm-6:55pm G Florence/Lawton

7pm-7:55pm G Mabry/Aglione

7:40pm-8:35pm PV Begnoche/Curtis

8pm-8:55pm G Gibree/Boyd

8:40pm-9:35pm DiLorenzo/Snowman



6pm-6:55pm  G  Ruotolo/Wagner

7pm-7:55pm  G  Tsonos/Aglione

7:40pm-8:35pm  PV  Curtis/Gibree

8pm-8:55pm  G  Begnoche/Squillante

8:40pm-9:35pm  PV  Tartaglia/Trainor

Saturday, 12/11 Week One.  All games at Gallagher

8am U12 Aglione vs Begnoche

9:10am U12 Curtis vs Gibree


10:20am U10 Florence vs Lawton

11:30am U10 Mabry vs Ruotolo

12:45pm U8 1st Years (1st Grade)

1:45pm U8 2nd Years (2nd Grade)

3pm U18 Game 1 TBD

4:10pm U18 Game 2 TBD

5:20pm U14 Boyd vs DiLorenzo

6:30pm U14 Snowman vs Squillante

7:40pm U14 Tartaglia vs Trainor




Monday, 12/13

6pm-6:55pm  G  Wagner/Florence

7pm-7:55pm  G  Lawton/Tsonos

7:40pm-8:35pm PV  Aglione/Begnoche

8pm-8:55pmc G  Curtis/Trainor

8:40pm-9:35pm  PV  Boyd/DiLorenzo


6pm-6:55pm. G  Mabry/Ruotolo

7pm-7:55pm  G  Curtis/Gibree

7:30pm-8:25pm PV  Begnoche/Tsonos

8pm-8:55pm  G. Aglione/Snowman

8:30pm-9:25pm. PV. Squillante/Tartaglia

Saturday, 12/18 Week Two.  All games at Gallagher

8am U12 Tsonos vs Aglione

9:10am U12 Begnoche vs Curtis

10:20am U10 Wagner vs Florence

11:30am U10 Lawton vs Mabry

12:45pm U8 1st Years

1:45pm U8 2nd Years

3pm U18 Game 1 TBD

4:10pm U18 Game 2 TBD

5:20pm U14 Trainor vs Boyd

6:30pm U14 DiLorenzo vs Snowman

7:40pm U14 Squillante vs Tartaglia

12/25 and 1/1: Schools are closed for the holidays
SYBA returns to game action Saturday, 1/8/22 and will finish an 11 week regular season on 3/5/22. 

Posted by Damien Edsall, Created Mon Dec 6, 2021

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