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Smithfield Winter Rec Evaluation Nights

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Hello folks!  On Wednesday 11/17 and Thursday 11/18 (next week) SYBA will be holding evaluation nights for each of its divisions.

Evaluation nights are held in an effort to try and make our teams as fair as possible.  Here are the division break downs: 

 Wednesday, 11/17

U12: 6:15pm at Gallagher

U14: 7:45pm at Gallagher

Thursday, 11/18

U10: 6:15pm at Gallagher 

U18 Ninth Grade players only: 7:45pm at Gallagher


A few things to know:

  • Evaluations are quick: there will be approximately 60-75 kids seen in about 90 minutes time.  This will not take all night.
  • Yes, Evaluations are MANDATORY FOR ALL KIDS, REGARDLESS OF THEIR SKILL LEVEL.  If there is a problem please let the league know so we can help make it work.
  •  Smithfield Youth Basketball is a private organization that is given permission to use the school basketball courts.  School rules are that everyone on the premises must be masked.  Thus:  
    • All kids must wear masks while inside.  If they don't wear a mask, they can't do evaluations.  If they can't do evaluations then they cannot play.
  •  Parents who choose to remain in the building during evaluations must remain masked at all times. 
  • Nothing is needed for the evaluations and children definitely DO NOT need to bring their own ball.  All basketballs will be provided by the league.
  • If your child brings water make sure it is in a clearly marked water bottle.  Please do not bring plastic water or sports drink bottles.


If there are questions please feel free to contact the league through the website.  Thanks very much!

 SYBA Board of Directors

Posted by Damien Edsall, Created Wed Nov 10, 2021

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