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Championship Monday TONIGHT!!

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It's CHAMPIONSHIP MONDAY!  Let's go to the schedule: 


3rd/4th Grade Championship, 6pm tipoff   

Lally vs Begnoche - School Side Court

5th/6th Grade Championship, 7pm tip

 Rinaldi vs Hannigan - Street Side

7th/8th Grade Championship, 8pm tip

Trainor vs Snowman - Street Side

High School Championship, 9pm tip

Tarro vs Perry - Street Side


Please note that the SECOND TEAM listed in each matchup will wear the GREEN SIDE of their jerseys.

Should weather happen to interfere - and as of now there exists a chance that it could - then games will be played at their same times TOMORROW (Tuesday, 8/31) evening.

Posted by Damien Edsall, Created Mon Aug 30, 2021

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