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2020 SYBA Summer League registration is now OPEN

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It is my pleasure to inform you that Smithfield Youth Basketball Association's Summer League registration is now OPEN!

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, SYBA will be employing Rhode Island's Phase II guidelines for re-opening the state.  This includes keeping kids limited to playing within a group of 15 children.  This also means the Summer League you've been used to in the past will be different this season and each division (3rd/4th Grade, 5th/6th Grade, 7th/8th Grade, 9th/10th Grade) will be accepting only 30 kids.

Here's a short Q&A to answer some of the more pertinent questions:

How is it possible for SYBA to play?  If you're a parent with a sports playing child you more than likely already know the Governor has allowed teams to get together under the same guidelines they've given to summer camps: mainly that a limit of 15 children may gather and play/practice together as long as it is the SAME group that continues to consistently play/practice with each other.  This helps mitigate the spread of the virus by limiting the amount of youth your child is coming into contact with.    

How will teams be able to play competitively with one another?  By playing 3 on 3 half court basketball.  Three teams of five players each will be able to compete against one another in "Pods", groups of three teams that play each other week in and week out.  For example in the 5th/6th Grade Division, Pod 1 would consist of Team 1, Team 2 and Team 3 and only play each other while Pod 2 would see Teams 4, 5 and 6 playing solely against one another.

What if come August this 15 or less restriction changes?  Will the league switch to playing 5 on 5?
No.  Even if the Governor lifts restrictions and allows more kids to compete against one another we would not change the format of the league; it would stay 3 on 3 half court.  
What we could do if that were to happen is allow teams from different Pods that are within the same age group to compete against each other.

What will SYBA be doing to keep kids as safe as possible?  SYBA will be following current CDC protocols including:   
  • Using Rubber basketballs that can be disinfected during play.  Basketballs will also be changed after each game. 
  • Limiting the court area inside the fence to players, referees and coaches whose game is currently taking place as well as operations personnel.  Youth that have an upcoming game will be prohibited from entering the fenced in court area until their gametime is announced.
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided at each scorer's table and be used before tipoff, each time a substitution comes off the court and at the conclusion of each game before leaving the courts to go home.
  • Coaches, Scorekeepers and Timekeepers will be required to wear masks.
Will this year's Summer League still cost the same as past seasons?  Yes, unfortunately the total cost per child for the league to play 3 on 3 is the same as play 5 on 5 and so the price to play will remain $65.  Discounts for multiple children will still apply.

When will Summer League begin?  SYBA's 2020 Summer League is set to tip off on Monday July 20.  

When will registration begin?  Registration for SYBA's 2020 Summer League opened on Monday, June 22, on the Smithfield Youth Basketball website with limited space available.  Again, we will only be accepting 30 kids per division on a first come, first serve basis with your child's division being the grade they just completed.   

Here's to another fun Summer of hoops!


Posted by Damien Edsall, Created Mon Jun 22, 2020

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